The Handing Over of Foundlings in the Early XIX Century: an Unpublished Study on the Medical and Social Problems of Newborn Babies Abandoned in the Hospital of Cittą di Castello

Francesco Bistoni, Marcella Meucci


The problems of illegitimate births in the early XIX century. The newborn babies were abandoned at the "Rota" of the hospital. The handing over of the newborn babies to the Rota avoided their being left with unknown persons, who attracted by infant cries from a bundle in front of a Church or Convent might be unreliable though compassionate. The hospital was the safest place for the babies as it provided immediate care but only after their souls has been given priority. First baptism and then medical care. For concealment the parents' names were not revealed The baby was handed over by friends or well-wishers, a midwife or a neighbour that look interest in the baby receiving the required attention.


Key words: Handing over - Foundlings- Rota 

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