The Medical School of Bologna in Spanish Culture

Raffaele A. Bernabeo


The relations between Spanish Scholars and the University of Bologna may be dated back to the time of Saint Raymond of Penafort, Saint Antonius of Lisbon and Saint Dominic of Guzmān. These connections became tighter as, following Cardinal De Albornoz's testamentary disposition in 1364, a "House of Spanish People" was set up inside Saragozza Gate in order to give hospitality to young student desiring to study Canon Law, Theology and Medicine. Students attended constantly up to 1587, greatly contributing to the development of the great Spanish School of the Modern Age. It was only with the Statutes of 1876 that this ancient habit was restored, with the institution of the "Advanced Centre of Post-graduate".


Key words: Bologna - Medical School - Spain - Relationship 

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