Un Unknown Portrait of Girolamo Fabrizi from Acquapendente Dated MDCIX

Luigi Stroppiana


The article is about the discovery, in Acquapendente, of a picture dated in its upper part 1609, and representing Girolamo Fabrizi from Acquapendente. He is dressed in characteristic anatomical clothes, with a particular headgear, different from the traditional one called "calotta", and he is wearing two chains, partially identifiable with the honorific one he was awarded by the S. Marco's Order in 1608. The author compares this picture with the other one, kept in Padua University, supposing that this one could be the same that Tomasino wrote was painted by Francesco de Portia; however, both of them have a great doctor, and in reminding his scientific and cultural position. 


Key words: Girolamo Fabrizi da Acquapendente - Ordine di S. Marco

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