New Frontiers of Science and Humanity of Galvani

Vincenzo Scarinci


The paper consists of two parts: the first one deals with the Scientific work and the Academic activity of Galvani; in the second one the Author refers of the less known aspect of the great Scientist's personality: his humanity. The lively debate rose between Galvani and Volta is mentioned and discussed. Galvani refused to take an oath to the Constitution of Cisalpine Republic, demonstrating high moral rectitude. His refusal cost him the loss of the University Chair and his salary, falling into poverty. He married his Master's doughter, Domenico Galeazzi, who consoled his bitterness. Unfortunately, he also missed his wife, grieving over it. The Secretary of the Institute of Bologna announced his death in a public session in 1798, arousing the universal consternation. 


Key words: Intrinsec animal electricity - Voltaic pile 

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