Medical Culture in Ravenna between VI and VII Century A.D.

Berenice Cavarra


Between the Vth and VIIth century A.D. in the region of Ravenna, a noteworthy activity of translation and comment of Hippocrates' and Galen's works was carried out. This latin medical literature was transmitted in a great number of Mss., among which stands out the Ambrosian code G108 inferior. This Ms includes a corpus of commentaries on the following galenic works: De Sectis, Ars Medica, De pulsibus, Ad Glauconem de medendi methodo. The structure and the formulation of these commentaries shows the influence of the VIth century Alexandrian philosophical school. This Paper considers the 4 commentaries, especially the Ars Medica's one, whose analysis could enlighten some aspects of the scientific and philosophical culture in Byzantine Ravenna. 


Key words: Ravenna - Codice Ambrosiano G108 inferior - Alessandria 

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