The Generalities of the Averroe's Medicine

Giuliano Tamani


The most important medical work of Averroé, known in Medieval times as the main commentator of Aristotle, is the Kitab al-kulliyat fi' l'tibb. It is a work composed of 7 books, concerning: 1. Anatomy, 2. Physiology, 3. Pathology, 4. Symptomatology, 5. Pharmacology, 6.Hygiene, 7. Therapeutics. The book was employed in its Latin translation -the Colliget, made in Padua in the second half of the XIII century- as a scholastic book for European Universities, where it introduced the Aristotelian medical doctrines. Averroes, in fact, exposed the general features of medical science, trying to establish its theoretical basis through Aristotle's philosophy. 


Key words: Generalities - Averroes - Medicine 

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