"Pelvic Abnormalities" at the Ospedale Maggiore of Milan: History and Current Events

Antonia Francesca Franchini, Paolo Maria Galimberti, Lorenzo Lorusso, Bruno Falconi, Alessandro Porro


The authors deal with the theme of the genesis and the increase of the obstetrical collection of pelvic abnormalities, i.e. the dry specimens stored at the Ospedale Maggiore (Major Hospital) of Milan (Italy), and of their scientific and educational values. Recently, following the restoration of the crypt of the Annunciation Church of the Ospedale Maggiore, a large space was converted, which could accommodate the pelvises collection permanently. A first step to finally be able to introduce these extraordinary specimens not only to experts, but also to a wider audience.

Key words: Pelvic abnormalities - Medical museology - Ospedale Maggiore of Milan

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