Modern Beams for Ancient Mummies Computerized Tomography of the Holocene Mummified Remains from Wadi Takarkori (Acacus, South-Western Libya; Middle Pastoral)

Fabio Di Vincenzo, Iacopo Carbone, Laura Ottini, Antonio Profico, Francesca Ricci, Mary Anne Tafuri, Gino Fornaciari, Giorgio Manzi


The Middle Pastoral human remains from Wadi Takarkori in the Libyan Acacus mountains (Fezzan) are exceptionally preserved partial mummies ranging between 6100 and 5000 uncal years BP; this small sample represents the most ancient of its kind ever found. In this report, we present a survey of the skeletal anatomy of these mummified corpses, based on high resolution CT-scan data, including a preliminary phenetic interpretation of their cranial morphology.

Key words: Tadrart Acacus - Middle Pastoral - CT-scan - Human mummies - Skeletal Biology - Libya

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