The Letters of Camillo Olivetti to Giuseppe Levi

Laura Olivetti


These letters are focused on the relationship between Giuseppe Levi and the Olivetti family. The core is represented by some beautiful letters of Camillo Olivetti to Giuseppe Levi, written between the late of 1939 and the early 1940. Camillo, my grandfather, was born in 1868, Levis in 1872, and at that time were two elderly gentlemen, but still very active and concerned, being both Jewish, of their future. What clearly emerges from these letters is the character of these two individuals, the love that bound them and the ability to launch life projects despite hard times and advanced age. I think that this reading it can be useful not only to learn more about Professor Levi, but also to teach how to not succumb in face of difficulties.

Key words: History - 20th Century - History of Medicine - Rockefeller Institute - Scientific Biography - Italy

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