From Rockefeller Foundation to the Bolognese Pupil Giuseppe Levi and Cultural Roots of the Euromediterranean Centre for Genetic and Medicine in Ronzano-Bologna

Francesco Romeo, Giovanni Romeo


In the first part of this paper we will present a series of Levi letters, between the 1920s and 1930s, that he addressed to the Rockefeller Foundations officers, who always supported his research, found in the archives of the Foundation itself. These letters are an important testimony of the Italian political and cultural climate of those years. A second part is dedicated to some of the 80 letters sent by Levis student Oliviero Mario Olivo, a professor of the Medical Faculty in Bologna, from 1932 to 1964. Forty years after the death of Giuseppe Levi, we wanted to dedicate to his figure and that of the Professor Victor McKusick, a pioneer in medical genetics died in 2008, the Euro-Mediterranean Centre for Genetic and Medicine in Ronzano-Bologna.

Key words: Rockefeller Foundation - Fascism - Science and Society - Cultural heritage

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