Uterine Amulets and Greek Uterine Medicine

Ann Ellis Hanson


This article publishes for the first time a hematite uterine amulet in the author's possession. After a brief look at this amulet I offer a summary of previous scholarship on uterine amulets, and then focus on three speci-fic aspects -the amulets' relation to Greek medical texts on gynecological topics; evidence for the use of perishable and non-perishable amulets by Greek women prior to the proliferation of the hematite examples in the Roman period (ca. II CE). I conclude with a discussion of the derivation and meaning of ororiouth, based on my correspondence with Dr. Roy Ko-tansky.

Key words: Uterus - Uterine amulets - Greek gynecology - Hematite - Ororiouth

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