The Galenic Treatise on the Anatomical Procedures and its First Latin Translation by Demetrius Chalcondylas

Stefania Fortuna


The Anatomical Procedures is Galen's most complete treatise on anatomy, which the Western culture came to know only in the Reinassance. Its first Latin translation was made by Demetrius Chalcondylas (1423-1511). He was a teacher of some translators of the ancient Greek physicians, and an owner of many Greek medical manuscripts. The translations by Chalcondylas was revised and published by Berengario da Carpi in 1529, and was reprinted only once in 1531. Its philological analysis proves that it depends on a Greek manuscript, a copy of Par. gr. 1849, which is now lost. The humanist physician Nicolò Leoniceno knew the translation by Calchondylas before it was pubblished, for he quoted it in his Apologia printed in 1522. Therefore, this translation circulated as a manuscript, which was so far ignored. 


Key words: Anatomical procedures - Galen - Demetrius Chalcondylas 

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