The Medical Collections at the University of Glasgow

Maggie Reilly, Stuart W. McDonald


The medical and other collections in the University of glasgow have at their core the generous bequest of Dr William Hunter (1718 1783), a local man who rose to become an internationally renowned anatomist and obstetrician. The University does not have a Medical Museum as such but an Anatomy Museum, a zoology Museum, a pathology Collection, medical displays in the main halls of the Hunterian Museum in the gilbert Scott Building and a rich collection of antiquarian medical books and archives as well as contemporary libraries. The Hunterian Collection, since its inauguration at the University of glasgow in 1807, has engendered a spirit of diversity and scholarship that embraces many disciplines across the campus. The Hunterian Museum was the first public museum in Scotland and service to the local, national and international communities and response to their academic needs is very much at heart of its function today.

Key words: William Hunter - Hunterian Museum - Glasgow - Medical collections

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