The Precocious Rehabilitation For the Child That Suffered at Birth through the Improvement of Parental Cure: New Methods in Preventing Handicap From the 70's to Nowadays

Luciano Baldini, Marina Manzo


Since the Late 70's ,The Increase of Knowledge about the Prenatal Period and the use of New Methods for the Study of the Newborn have Changed the Previous Image of the baby and his competences, deepening and confirming the idea of a newborn / infant capable of having an active role in his interaction with the world. The precious cure, which has given the parents and the family contest an important part in rehabilitation, must not be limited to the baby himself, but must be extended to the whole contest in which he lives, grows up and learns. This new opportunity has made the family have a role of prime importance in preventing childhood handicap.


key words: rehabilitation - parental cure - childhood handicap 

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