The Sardinian Archives for Malaria History

Eugenia Tognotti


The paper makes some references to the documentary funds for malaria history retained in State archives of Cagliari, Sassari, Nuoro, the Provincial administration archive of Sassari, the ERLAAS ( Ente regionale per la lotta antianofelica in Sardegna) archive. The private archives are deposited in town libraries of Igliesias and Olzai. The documentation available allows to carry out a lot of researches on various courses; a) activity of land reclamation on marshy zone between XIX and XXth century; b) issues of the anti-malarial legislation in the early twentieth century for peculiar social classes such as a railwaymen and miners. They were the first to assay quinine for preventive treatment; c) the anti-anopheles struggle during Fascist régime (it was carried out with oil and Paris green and with the predator fish of the genus Gambusia as well) d) organization of antianopheles campaign of ERLAAS  after World Word II.


Key words: Archives - Malaria - Sardinia 

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