Research, Training and Community Links in Today's Hospitals

Giovanni Renga, Giorgio Visca


The role of hospitals in research, medical training and their relationship with the community is challenged by socio-economical, epidemiological, demographic and technological changes western health care systems are facing today. 

This paper enhances that:

1. beside the experimental, high tech and biotechnological model of research, there is still a great need for studies in areas such as: doctor-patient relationships, disability, access to care and patient satisfaction

2. medical training should open to community settings in order to avoid excess in medical specialisation and future shortage of primary health care professionals;

3. a close link with community health care should be established through strategic and operational planning between hospital and community services and a formalised role for family physicians within hospital-based Departments of Family and Community Medicine. 


Key words: Hospitals - Research - Training - Family medicine 

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