Medical Practices in the Migration Novels in Spain

Ilaria Rossini


Starting from the analysis of three Spanish novels written by African authors emigrated in Spain, the article focuses on different medical practices adopted locally, in Africa and in Europe.
El Metro, Más allá del mar de arena and Rebeldía give the different disease treatments imagine, showing, on the one hand, the official medicine, and on the other hand, the traditional medicine. In some cases, it is emphasized little contradictions, doubts, and anxieties often experienced by immigrants, even when they are faced with the type of treatment to be undertaken.
One of the many mosaic pieces of the world is highlighted: in fact, habits and cultures are very different in a society where more and more people with different physical appearance, language, religion, and customs live understanding that what belongs to the other is not necessarily something distant and extraneous, but something that can enrich our cultural identity for our open-mindedness.

Key words: Medical practices Immigrants - Cultural identity

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