The Chapter De Puero Virgine (Or De Homine) of Liber Medicinae Ex Animalibus by Sextus Placidus. Historical Study, New Critical Edition and Translation

Arsenio Ferraces Rodríguez


The article offers an historical study, a new critical edition and the translation of the chapter De puero virgine of Liber medicinae ex animalibus by sextus Placitus, firstly edited by Sigerist and Howald in 1927. The book, dating to Late Antiquity, is part of a phyto -zootherapeutical corpus, trasmitted by the manuscript tradition in a single block of text whose central axis is represented by the herbarium by pseudo Apuleius, the tractatus De herba vettonica attributed to Antonius musa and the De taxone. Chapter 17 is devoted to pharmacological recipes whose ingredients are organic or human body parts; here is provided a critical edition based on the collation of three texts in the manuscript tradition, well testifying the particular vitality of medical prescription texts in Late Antiquity. 

Key words: Zootherapy Liber medicinae ex animalibus Sextus Placidus 

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