The Contribution of the Ancient Medicine to the Luxorius Text and to its Exegesys (Poem 302, 1-6 Happ; with an Appendix about V. 7)

Paola Paolucci


Luxorius poem 302, written in Vandal Africa at the beginning of the VIth Century, about a physician named Marinus, who knew the principles of the methodical and the dogmatic School, becames more clear in its meaning if it is read with an eye to the history of the Schools of Medicine in the Roman Empire and to the works by Cassius Felix and Caelius Aurelianus and if we suppose a recall by the author to the famous anatomist Marinus of Alexandria. 

Key words: Luxorius poem 302 Happ - Methodical and Dogmatic Schools - Cassius Felix - Marinus of Alexandria 

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