Scientific Method, History, Darwinism and Laicism: a Giovanni Jerviss Intellectual Biography

Gilberto Corbellini, Elisabetta Sirgiovanni


Some authors marked a change of perspective from the early to the late Jerviss thought, in terms of a supposed turn towards conservatism. That laid him open to criticism from some Leftist Italian intellectuals. The aim of this paper is to show that conservatism never was a Jerviss thought feature. Mainly, subjects and methods leading the development of his philosophical views suggest a continuity between earlier writings and later ones. All over his thought, in fact, the idea of preeminence of scientific method and historical contextualization convinced him about naturalistic approaches to human behavior, which came to support his Darwinism and laicism in approaching socio-psychological and socio-political issues.

Key words: Jerviss thought - Naturalism vs. relativism Postmodernism - History of Italian psychiatry†

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