The University of Modena During Bernardino Ramazzinis Teaching

Elio Tavilla


In 1682 Bernardino Ramazzini opened the first academic year of the renewed University of Modena. In his oration he outlined the origins of the ancient university and celebrated the great Modenese scholars of the past. The University of Modena was founded in 1175 and began to decline star- ting from the XIV century. In 1682, during Francesco II of Estes reign, the municipality of Modena and private legacies financed its re-establishment. Ramazzini taught medical subjects until 1700. During his tenure he frequen- ted university colleagues, including physicist Michelangelo Fardella and physician Francesco Torti, and met the great philosopher G.W. Leibniz. His university experience was closely connected with his first scientific resear- ches, especially the one that lead to The Workers Diseases (Modena 1700). 

Key words: University of Modena Bernardino Ramazzini Ramazzinis medical teaching

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