Abortion: an Unforgivable Sin?

Chiara Lalli


Abortion has become something to hide, something you cant tell other people, something you have to expiate forever. Besides, abortion is more and more difficult to achieve because of the raising average of consciencious objection (from 70 to 90% of health care providers are conscientious objectors, 2014 data, Ministero della Salute) and illegal abortion is coming back from the 70s, when abortion was a crime (Italian law n. 194/1978). Abortion is often blamed as a murder, an unforgivenable sin, even as genocide. Silence against shouting killers! to women who are going to have an abortion: this is a common actual scenario. Why is it so difficult to discuss and even to mention abortion?

Key words: Abortion - Consciencious objection - Stigma

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