The Medical Collections of Milan Major Hospital

Paolo M. Galimberti


This essas shows the uncommon occurrence of collections developed in a Hospital. In the past centuries the obstetrical gynaecological (since 18th Century) and anatomical collections (since 1829) were oriented to medical education, while the Pharmacy had a rich equipment. In the first half of 20th  century, a Museum open to the public was planned, but the second World War and the absence of interest induce the loss of a large part of the materials. Since 2002 we had censed, collected, and listed the historical instruments, and in 2005 we realized a permanent exhibition. The collections combine about 1500 items. We have especial care to save also modern objects and equipments, after they are disused. At last we hope to realize a real Museum, and we search to assume peculiarities, goals, strength, potentials users, custom.


Key words: Ancients instruments - Medical History Museum - Hospital history 

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