The Sante de Sanctis' Psychophysiology of Dreams

Giovanni Pietro Lombardo, Renato Foschi


Sante De Sanctis (18621935), a pioneer of psychology in Rome at the end of the 19th century, applied methods from the expanding field of experimental psychology to the study of dreams, which was considered one of the leading ways to gain an understanding of normal and pathological psychic life. The multi-faceted methodology that he adopted for the study of an, until then, marginal phenomenon of the new psychology, represented an element of originality that also included the elaboration of a psycho- physiological theory of dreams. Although the Italian psychologists work on dreams was characterized by these important methodological changes, it disappeared from the references of those who contributed to the foundation of modern dreaming psychology after the Second World War.


Key words: Sante De Sanctis - History of Roman psychology - History of the psychophysiology - Science of the dreaming 

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