Pietro D'Abano il conciliatore tra magia e scienza

Graziella Federici Vescovini


Peter of Abano is a personage belonging to history as well as to legend. In this analysis his historical physiognomy of scientist and physician is reconstructed on the basis of a better knowledge of his works in medicina and astronomy (now edited), a discipline, the latest one, in which he excelled in Medieval scientific context (The Lucidator dubitabilium astronomiae (astrologiae) can be read in the critical edition by G. Federici Vescovini, Padova, Esedra, 1992). He opposed extreme position in all fields, by styling himself Conciliator of opposed tendencies. He often reconfirmed a rational concept of medicine and astronomy, which dispelled any demoniac and magic features, against the fanciful legend elaborated during thefollowing centuries.  Key words: Peter of Abano - Conciliator - Magic - Science

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