An Anencephalus Foetus Petrified by Gerolamo Segato (1792-1836)

Rosalba Ciranni, Gino Fornaciari, Vincenzo Nardini, Davide Caramella


We report the case of an anencephalic foetus petrified by Gerolamo Segato in the course of his experiments on body conservation. The specimen has been studied applying non-invasive methods. Digital radiography and computed tomography (CT) alogside more advanced techniques such as three-dimensional (3-D) reconstruction and virtual endoscopy (VE) have been used to investigate anatomic morphology and to perform hypotheses about Segatos method of petrification which is still unknown.


Key words: Anatomical collection Teratology - CAT, 3-D reconstruction - Virtual endoscopy Chemistry - Minerals

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