Pharmacy Related Professions in Byzance

Evangelia A Varella


Pharmacy related professions are greatly flourishing in Byzance. Various oriental drugs alien to Mediterranean medical traditions are added to the Hellenistic and early Roman transnational legacy, while ameliorated and even novel laboratory techniques are applied in preparing sophisticated medicines; and numerous new therapeutic schemes are proposed. The vivacious commerce of raw materials is controlled by the influential and multi-faced guild of myrepsoi, importers and whole sellers of cautiously standardized drugs, as well as experienced laboratory technicians. At the same time great scale health institutions are offering internal pharmaceutical services, staff members responsible for remedy preparation being stated as pimentarioi. It may be assumed that they are recruited among the myrepsoi, since hospital service is guaranteeing a stable and prestigious career, whose benefits are indeed comparable to the large drug import activities undertaken by wealthy members of the guild. 


Key words: Byzance Pharmacy Hospital

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