Medicine in Sardinia between XIXth and XXth Century: Buggerru Mining Hospital

Alessandro Porro


In Italy, the town of Buggerru, Sardinia, could be considered the cradle of zinc extractive industries. Around Malfidano mine developed a mining village, that reached a population of 8000 inhabitants. It was a peculiar environment since the population included a lot of younger people, women and children workers. The extractive activity exposed all of them to health and life hazards. A hospital was founded in 1868, but was reorganized at the beginning of 20th century. Medical records enable to study the activity of Buggerru hospital, providing information on the complex health events of its inhabitants. For the history of public health and medicine, the events of these hospitals are a subject of interest, being the reflection of major episodes of those times.

Key words: Medicine and modernitÓ Sardinian hospitals XIXth and XXth Century

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