About some Medical Bibliographical Sources of Jacobinic and Napoleonic Age

Alessandro Porro, Antonia Francesca Franchini, Bruno Falconi


The authors analyze some bibliographical sources of jacobinic and Napoleonic age: books and pamphlets published by Stamperia Italiana e Francese in Milan (Lombardy); the Bullettino del Consiglio Subalpino di Sanità, ossia Giornale Fisico-Medico del Piemonte in Turin (Piedmont); some Charles Botta (1766-1837) books (Storia naturale e medica dellisola di Corfù; Mémoire du [] sur la doctrine de Brown; Vicissitudes de linstruction publique en Piémont depuis lan VII jusqau mois de ventose an XI []). They are useful to analyse the spreading of John Brown (1735- 1788) theories in Italy, during the jacobinic and napoleonic time.

Key words: Stamperia Italiana e Francese (Milan) John Brown (1735-1788) and brownism in Italy Charles Botta (1766-1837)

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