The Birth of Neuro-Psychomotory Therapy of Developmental Age

Franco Galletti, Paola Rampoldi Maria, Gabriella Sturniolo


The Article Reconstruct The Development og NPMTDA (Neuro-Psychomotor Therapy of Developmental Age) at the University 'La Sapienza' Of Rome, Where Giovanni Bollea Created a Team of Childhood and Adolescence Neuropsychiatry. in the fifties three physiotherapists coming from the USA, expert in physical, occupational and speech therapy, were the first trainers of roman therapists. Their assessment scheme was adapted to the needs of neuropsychiatric disorders and gradually the above mentioned practices flowed into both evaluation and therapeutic method, thanks also to the competence of other NPCA specialists. A rehabilitation school officially dedicated to children started only in 1973, though it had existed informally since the beginning. It progressively increased in academic dignity finally becoming, in 200, a graduate school. The professional progress of therapists was favoured by medical advances, National Health Service institution ( in the 70's) , territorial spreading of rehabilitation centres, academic evolution of NPMTDA teaching.


key words: Neuro - PsychomotorTherapy - Childhood - Adolescence - Rehabilitation

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