Giovanbattista Da Monte (Montanus) Father of Modern Clinical Medicine

Diego Franceschetti, Bruno Agazia, Giorgio Zanchin


The Figure of Giovanbattista Da Monte (1489-1551) is associeted with the Introduction of Clinical Teaching at Patient's Bedside, in 1543, at the San Francesco Hospital of Padua.In the XVI Century, teaching was Stil Based on the Explanation and Comment of The Ancient Authors and the Educational Programme was Founded on Theoretical Aspects. The ''Practical'' Approach Consist of the Treatment ''Ec Cathedra' of Diseases According to the Various Part of the Body,without observing the Course of Pathological Events with a direct confirmations at Patient's Bedside.To His Merit Da Monte established the practise of training students to gather the case history,to carry out an objective examinations,and to closely examine disease phenomena with lessons at bedside of the patient. Practical clinical training was thus introduced as the crucial moment in the formation of the physician.


Key words: Da Monte - Clinical medicine - Patient 

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