Maria Dalle Donne M. D. Two Century Her Appointment as Director of The School of Midwifery in Bologna

Maria Palumbo, Ettore Calzolari


In 1804,Maria Dalle Donne graduated in Philosophy and Medicine, was appointed as director of the school for midwives in Bologna.This woman deserved without doubts to be remembered above all for her academical results that she achieved in a period in which it was absolutely exceptional for a girl of humble origin to be graduate but in particular because to her was attributed a prominent role in the formation of well trained women in an important sector of public health.Although the documentation about her scientific production in scarce no one can miss her professional value and large estimation for the fact that her appointment was reconfirmed for nearly four decades in spite of institutional and political changes that took place in Bologna in that Period.


Key words: Maria Dalle Donne - Midwifes formation - Public Health 

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