Guns Wounds in War Equines-Practical Notes (1917) by Arturo Galli

Duccio Vanni


The short but detailed monograph by Arturo Galli (1885-1965) is focusedon more frequent wounds, pathologies and therapeutic methods of equines in war. The essay is organized into four main sections. The first disserts on ásmall bullets wounds; the second describes big bullets wounds. The third section includes wide dissertation about complicating diseases, particularly bones lesions, foreign bodies, primary hemorrhages, traumatic fever, septic accidents and secondary hemorrhages. Last section looks after therapy. In conclusion, the essay by Arturo Galli, published in 1917, shows a snap overview on italian war veterinary medicine and science during First World War period, including comments and remarks that Galli proposes about examined topics.

Key words: Arturo Galli - Equines- Veterinary medicine - War

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