Andreas Vesalius in Pisa

Rosalba Ciranni


Andreas Vesalius is the most commanding figure in European medicine, after Galen and before Harvey. His dissections and lectures were in considerable demand. Having just published the De humani corporis fabrica, and before operating as a private physician of Emperor Charles V, the anatomist spent some months conducting demonstrations of anatomy at the universities of Bologna, Pisa and Florence. The present study aim to reconstruct the journey he made to Pisa, where he was invited by Duke Cosimo I De Medici. The work of Andrea Corsini and OMalley, the study of Vesalius Epistola rationem modumque propinandi radicis Chynae dedocti... , and other documents make possible a more detailed reconstruction of the period Vesalius spent in the Nuovo Studio Pisano, carrying out public human dissections, discussing and refuting most of the Galenic doctrine.

Key words: Anatomy Dissection - Medicis letters - Epistola radicis chynae - Emperor Charles V

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