Paulus Bagellardus a Flumine and his Book 'Libellus de Aegritudinibus et Remediis Infantium', Printed in Padua in 1472

Giorgio Maggioni


This paper concerns the life and the academic career of Paulus Bagellardus a Flumine, professor of medicine at the University of Padua from 1444 to 1480, author of the first printed book (Padua 1472) dealing exclusively with children's diseases. The text is divided in two parts: the first on assistance to infants in the first months of life, the second on the diseases of children up to the age of seven years. At the end, a short history of the known editions of the book: Brescia 1486, Padova 1487, Salamanca 1515, Lione 1538.

key words: Paolo Bagellardo dal Fiume - Paediatrics - History of medicine

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