N. Leonicenus Interpretes of Galen on Causa Coniuncta

Daniela Mugnai


The philosopher and physician NicolÚ Leoniceno, one of the most important members of the Medical Humanism, in the N. Leoniceni in libros Galeni e Graeca in linguam Latinam a se translatos Praefatio communis (1508) discusses his emendation to Galenss Ars Medicinalis (28, 4 Boudon = I 381 KŁhn, aijtivan; oujsivan). In spite of the debatable conjecture, it is a significant effort to solve a serious contradiction in Galens text. Leoniceno rejects the solutions proposed by the Arabic and Medieval Latin commentators and offers the right interpretation of causa coniuncta in Galens concept of disease.

Key words: NicolÚ Leoniceno Galen Causa coniuncta Ars parva

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