The "divisiones librorum Ypocratis" in the Articella Commentaries

Tiziana Presenti


The Articella commentaries of the fourteenth century offer in their accessus valuable information about Galen's and Hippocrates' lives and works. The "divisiones librorum Ypocratis" are a common bibliographic canon of 19 Hippocratic works, which is to be found in Italian and French commentaries from the first half of the fourteenth century, with Niccolò Betruccio of Bologna, until 1466, with Matteolo Mattioli of Perugia, professor of medicine at Padua. The text of the "divisio" by Marsilio Santasofia of Padua is edited and discussed.

Keywords: Articella commentaries - Galen - Hippocrates - Marsilio Santasofia

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