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Thank you for submitting your manuscript to Medicina nei Secoli-Arte e Scienza. The following instructions will help you during all steps required by our system to submit and move your manuscript through peer review, production and publication process. 

Medicina nei Secoli-Arte e Scienza uses Open Journal System (OJS), a management and publishing system developed by the Public Knowledge Project, to receive electronically manuscripts and peer review submissions. Before to proceed with your submission, please be sure that your manuscript is in compliance with the Instructions for Authors below and follow the instructions here. 


MEDICINA nei SECOLI-Arte e Scienza/Journal of History of Medicine publishes research papers, commentaries and book reviews in history of medicine and allied sciences (bioethics, philosophy of medicine, paleography, paleopathology, social medicine, public health history, history of pharmacy, etc.). Manuscripts are submitted with the understanding that upon publication copyright will be transferred to the Journal.

The Journal publishes papers in Italian, English, French, Spanish and German. Submission in English is strongly encouraged. The submitted articles must contain in the following order:


2. Author/s (Name Surname)

3. Institutional affiliation

4. Brief Summary (not to exceed 150 words) and a short title in English, in this order:




5. Running title (in the same language of the paper)

6. Key words (2-4 in English)

7. Text (normally not exceeding 20 pages, 2,000 characters for page). The text uses Times New Roma, 12 point font without space and may be divided in sub-headings. Notes must be included at the end of the text and be numbered by progressive Arabic numbers. References must be given in the endnotes. In the text, only shorter references to critical editions or to manuscript may be included (i.e., Nat. Hom., Li. 6.64 as a reference to the Hippocratic treatise De natura hominis, edited by Littré, vol. 6, p.64). Tables and images may be included, with text and legends on a separate page. Images are usually published in b/w. Copyright and/or publishing permission for the images must be provided by the Author(s). The Editorial Office have the right to modify the text according to the Journal’s style.

8. Bibliography and Notes.

Bibliography and notes must be included at the end of the text. A general bibliography may precede the notes. Notes must be numbered by Arabic numbers, following the order in the text. Notes and bibliography use Times New Roman, 10-point font. 


a) Journal article: ROSSI A., NERI O., Claude Bernard ed i nosologisti. Med. Secoli 1993; 5: 75-87. Journal titles may be abbreviated according to the World list of scientific periodicals as published in each January issue of Index Medicus.

For subsequent quotations, please use a shorter form, including Authors and the first citing note. Example: ROSSI A., NERI O., see note 12, p. 18. 

b) Books: ROSSI A., History of medicine. Roma, Delfino, 1990, (when needed) pp. 12-25. 

c) Chapters in Books NERI G., Hippocrates. In: ROSSI A.,History of medicine. Roma, Delfino, 1990, pp. 12-25.

d) Classical works should be quoted in a critical edition, after the general bibliography and before the notes and references.

PEER REVIEW: Articles submitted for publication will be sent (omitting the Author(s) names) to two independent and anonymous referees. The Editorial Board will forward the referees’ opinion (accepted, not accepted, accepted with revisions) to the Author(s).

PROOF READING: Upon request, proofs will be sent to the corresponding author. If not returned within ten days from receiving, correction will be made by the Editorial Board.

REPRINTS: Reprints will be sent to the Author(s) in PDF format.

BOOK REVIEWS: Books for review may be sent to the Editorial Office.

EDITORIAL OFFICE: Medicina nei Secoli Arte e Scienza - Dipartimento di Medicina Molecolare, Storia della Medicina, Viale dell'Università 34/a, 00185 Roma, I, Tel/fax: +39064451721 e-mail

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