Disease, Tradition and Culture

Patrizia Ritarossi


The observation of the present technological society nullifies thesis of the scientific rationalism, that is the equation between magic, popular or primitive culture and undervelopment. The pathological experience investes every plane of the cultural pattern so the different levels of technical knowledge, rationality, symbols and magic immagination are mobilized to give a reason to pain: the illness, in addition to represent an indisposition really existing, has a specific cultural meaning too. In fact every culture, following certain parameters, has built ideologic frames; the concept of illness is connected to the classification of the reality. Biology and culture are inseparable. For this, lately, the gnosiological horizons of the science are becoming larger and less dogmatic. The knowledge (in medicine, too) is a process in fieri, without absolute and final limits. 


Key words: Illness - Traditional Medicine 

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