Bodies Artifacts and Anatomical Models

Alessandro Aruta


Through three different museological approaches, diachronically arranged, the essay intends to introduce some pertinent questions related to the topic of the conference Bodies and Anatomy: the corpses in the museums from Ruysch to Von Hagens. The first item analyzes a recent line of British museological studies, treating mainly medical British museums of the XVIII and XIX century, with intriguing developments arriving up to nowadays. A second point illustrates several aspects with regards to the donation and the arrangement of the morbid specimina Luigi Gedda collection, coming from  the CSS Mendel of Rome to the Museum of Pathological Anatomy of Sapienza University of Rome. Finally, in a crossover between the previous points, it will be presented some recent studies regarding the employment of new communication technologies in the scientific and medical museology.

Key words: Morbid Curiosities - Human remains - Medical exhibitions and museums

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