Embalming in 19th-20th Century Lombardy: Paolo Gorini and Giuseppe Paravicini

Alberto Carli, Dario Piombino-Mascali


The Gorini Museum, later renamed Gorini Anatomical Collection, was founded in 1981 by pathologist Antonio Allegri. Many of the anatomical pieces created by scientist Paolo Gorini between 1843 and 1881 are held in the ancient chapterhouse of the Old Hospital of Lodi. These remains bear witness to Gorinis preparation skills and represent a precious historical and scientific heritage. Beyond the Gorini anatomical collection, the Museum has recently acquired the specimens prepared by Giuseppe Paravicini, a scientist and physician who developed a preservation method for educational and funerary purposes. Both the Gorini and the Paravicini specimens represent a unique opportunity to assess the evolution of preparation arts in terms of materials employed and the results achieved, and will successfully engage the general public with the world of anatomical mummies.

Key words: Museum - History - Embalming - Italy

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