Corpse Conservation: Attilio Maggia's Preparations

Alessandro Porro, Antonia Francesca Franchini, Paolo M. Galimberti, Lorenzo Lorusso, Bruno Falconi


The authors analyze Attilio Maggias method of corpse conservation. His method was based on development of formaline vapours and preservation of corpse into a hermetically closed coffin (U.S.Patent 1150688 Aug. 17, 1915). The corpses preserved could also be hardened after the treatment, exposing them to the air. Attilio Maggia (1864-1945) treated the corpse of italian writer Giovanni Verga (1840-1922). Some Maggias preparations were preserved into obstetrical museum at Milan University: they are lost, but some records remain (an old inventory register) and attest us the industry of this physician.

Key words: Corpse conservation - Anatomical preparations - Medical museology

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