Diffusion/ Spreading of Malaria in the Apuo-Lunensis Region (North West of Tuscany)

Lanmarco Laquidara


Evidence of malaria fevers in the antiquity may be found in the writing of Herodotus (regarding the Nilo Valley) or in latin Authors (regarding the south land of Rome): successive reclaiming of lands by the roman empire diminished the incidence of malaria, but in the medioeval time the absence of care regarding drainage of swampi plains caused the outbreak of the disease. In the XIX century lands were claimed, but very slowly for the example in the Apuo-Lunensis region, so that experts of public health were often consulted by local Governments. District's phisicians affirmed the origin of malaria from the local environment and the local Governor De Volo drained the land about the Magliano river: by filling of marshes malaria was strongly reduced, coming at the end of the century for few years due to breaking of banks of the Frigido river. 


Key words: malaria - Tuscany 

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