Giovan Tommaso Minadois, a Glory of Medicine of Polesine (Land Around Po River)

Diego Franceschetti, Francesco Raspadori


Minadois was born in Rovigo form a phisician, who was tried by the Sacred Inquisition for religious theories and renounced to his ideas. Minadois studied medicine in Padua with Acquapendente and Mercuriale, was lecturer and therefore professor of pratical medicine in the same University. Pupils of Minadois were William Harvey and Adriano Spigelio. He was friend of Galileo and moved to Florence where was official 'physician of the Medici Family. The works of Minadois were not relevant for discoveries, but for the research of new scientific method following the galileian "science is measure".


Key words: Minadois - Practical medicine 

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