The Medical Collections of the University of Tartu

Maie Toomsalu, Liina Pärnsalu, Helle Tapfer, Ingrid Mesila


In the year 1999, a new and modern building Biomedicum was finished addressed to preclinic subjects of the Medical Faculty of the University of Tartu; the institutions of anatomy as well as pathological anatomy and forensic medicine moved there. However, no place was planned to exhibit the collections of specimens. Many of the specimens which had so far only been used for learning purposes found their place in the Old Anatomical Theatre, in the hope that this could be transformed as a museum. The medical collections of the Medical Faculty were opened up for a broader audience in October 2005. With the support of the national programme The collections of humanities and natural sciences, the medical study specimens, models, moulages, and literature related to them in danger of being destroyed were collected from several subdivisions and buildings of the Medical Faculty. In 2012, the medical exhibition moved to the premises of Science Centre AHHAA and in the same time a specific educational study began to be developed.

Key words: Old Anatomical Theatre - Anatomical museum Anatomy - Pathological anatomy Embryology - Multifunctional edutainment

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