Drinking Water: Use, Consume and Biological Hazard

A. Boccia, M. De Giusti, A. Del Cimmuto


The Authors drew the attention to the rising danger of water crisis also in countries usually immune from this problem. The most important causes of these crisis are presented along with some of the most important laws concerning civil use of water. The Authors underline the biological risk induced by new aetiologycal agents (i.e. Aeromonas hydrophyla, Criptococcus, Escherichia coli 0:127 H7) found in drinking water too. Some of the health problems correlated to the civil use of water are also presented: water supply of hospitals, schools and hotels. The Authors conclude underlining that the answer to this problem must be found in a good management of water sources which requires efficient monitoring systems. 

Key words: Drinking Water - Use - Biological pollution - Biological hazard

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