Indoor Pollution

Gianfranco Tarsitani


The Author reports more important phases from the beginning of housing to now: the indoor pollution time. Shelter is a basic need; humans re-quire protection against the elements, somewhere to store and prepare the food, and a secure place to raise offspring; but indoor environment is not always safe. It has been known since Hippocrates' time that housing con-ditions affect health. Today situation starts from the enormous growth of urbanization. At 1888 in Italy first legislation on health, including healthy building, has been issued. The prevention policies were based on local hygiene regula-tions. At present housing programmes of who stress the problem in con-sideration too of the great part of time that, in industrialized Countries, we all pass at home, in the indoor environment. Following the general introduction the Author relates on the features of indoor climate, that may be identical that out of doors, or may be modi-fied by heating, cooling, humidification and ventilation. Larger commentaries are reported on indoor pollution and its increasing by modern technology producing several new hazards. Physical, chemi-cal and biological indoor air pollutants, with their principal sources and health damages associated, are analyzed. In conclusion the Author shows some data from a research on indoor pollution in the houses of Rome. 

Key words: Indoor pollution - Indoor climate - Houses

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