The Bladder Stone of Cardinal Pietro Basadonna (1617-1684) in the Words of His Physician Romolo Spezioli (1642-1723)

Raffaella Santi, Annarita Franza, Gabriella Nesi


At the death of Cardinal Pietro Basadonna in 1684, his personal physician Romolo Spezioli wrote a report describing the disease, circumstances of death and autopsy findings of the illustrious prelate. This document, kept in the Biblioteca Civica at Jesi, is a significant attestation of the medical terminology and diagnostic and therapeutic procedures of the time. Even with the constraints that interpretation of a clinical account dating back over 300 years inevitably imposes, perusal of this report suggests that Cardinal Basadonnas demise could have been due to septic shock, consequent to a urinary infection caused by a bulky bladder stone.

Key words: Historical report - Bladder stone - Romolo Spezioli

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