Reviewing Old Medical Records

Giuseppina Bock, Antonia Francesca Franchini


Medical records, usually preserved in hospital archives, are seldom col-lected in medical sciences museums. Even the ones risen in hospitals and clinics privilege instruments and biological preparations to the detriment of clinical documents. This report provides the example of the "Museo per la Storia dell'Universita di Pavia" and its rich collections in the subject. Medical records of the nineteenth century and the standard ones used to-day have been drawn up with the original data. The contents of these documents have been related to the scientific knoscledges and reflect the status of special population groups in particular historical periods. Thus, the comparison with the moment allows to rebuilt many pathological de-scriptions in their historical and epidemiological dimension and to get al-so for the modern clinical medicine useful components to the medical knowledge continuity. 

Key words: XIX century - Medical records - Museology 

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