The University Collections

Augusto Vigna Taglianti


After a brief survey on the history and location of the university collections and museums in Italy, the actions for their valorization, in the last decades are examined. These actions, isolated or coordinated in wider projects, are the very base for the museums to accomplish their role of "culture maker", inside as well as outside the academy. Collaboration with forces external to the university (local administrations and private sponsors and collec-tors) are discussed. The aim would be to solve the main problems of the university museums. Realization of museum "projects" can be accom-plished by forms of paritary co-operation -with such external forces, though acknowledging the risks and sometimes the cultural limitations. The great public projects (such as the Science Museums) have a positive role, catalysing synergic actions by the universities and the local adminis-trators, for the recovering and valorisation of the techno-scientific heritage of the university collections. 

Key words: University - Collections - Scientific museums - Italy 

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